Our products

Worm Gear Reducers and Motoreducers: Gray or alloy steel casting, solid or hollow shaft, gear ratio from 1:6 to 1:6400, output from 0. 06 HP to 110 HP, horizontal, vertical and combined for increased ratios.

Gear Reducers and Motoreducers: gray casting, horizontal, vertical, solid or hollow shaft, ratio from 1:2 to 1:60, output from 0. 33 HP to 250 HP.

Rubber Couplings: Output from 0.10 HP to 100 RPM to 42 HP to 1500 RPM.

Hydraulic Couplings: Output from 0.50 HP to 450 HP, with a grooved pulley or rubber couple.

Arrester Brakes: For torsional moments, from 4Kgr. to 100 Kgm.

Mechanical Variators:Output from 0.50 HP to 15 HP.

Electronic Variators:For AC motor, output from 0.25 HP to 75 HP.

Electric Motors:Three-phase and single-phase system, 220/380 380/660 voltage, 50 Hz frequency, IP55 protection, with B5 or B14 bridle, with brake, custom motors available.

Custom Products Available.


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